Caster Wheels

Benefits of Colson Caster Wheels

One of the greatest benefits of colson caster wheels is their durability. The casters are durable enough to resist the most oil and chemicals, gasoline, cooking fats and acids. This is a significant advantage to any kitchen or restaurant that uses these casters.


When you are looking for quality casters, you will find no better brand than Colson. With over 130 years of experience, this American company has proven its durability and reliability.

They manufacture a wide variety of casters. From heavy duty to light duty, you’re sure to find a Colson wheel that fits your application. They offer a warranty program that covers material defects and workmanship. This is a leading edge warranty program that shows they believe in their products.

Some of the most popular casters manufactured by Colson include the Performa and Trans-forma wheels. These are ideal for applications in robotics and industrial material handling. They are designed to provide the best balance of durability and traction.

Colson’s exclusive solid elastomer compound provides greater durability than competitive wheels. This unique technology enables the wheels to last up to 50% longer. They are also more resistant to hydrolysis and water damage.

Colson has developed an in-house testing laboratory that tests all of their casters against competitors. They undergo impact, dynamic, static, and environmental chamber testing.

Colson Caster Wheels

Made in the USA initiative

Caster Central is one of the leading caster wheels manufacturers in the world. They manufacture a variety of wheels, including the Performa line of casters, which is made in the USA.

The company also manufactures Trans-forma wheels and the popular 4 Series institutional casters. In addition, they offer the most aggressive three-year warranty coverage. The warranty covers workmanship and material defects.

The company’s management team takes manufacturing location selection seriously. They choose locations based on competitive advantage. They also consider the quality of the labor force and the skill levels of the workforce.

The company’s casters are tested and meet stringent quality standards. They use a comprehensive, in-house testing lab to ensure that every caster they produce meets the ANSI ICWM:2012 standard.

Colson’s in-house engineering department works to ensure that each product they develop is optimized for performance and aesthetics. They create 3D digital CAD models of all their casters to make sure that their products are up to par.

Cost to hire a caster manufacturer to design and build a caster

There are many factors that can determine the cost of hiring a caster manufacturer to design and build a caster. One of the most important is how quickly the caster can be manufactured. If the manufacturer can’t get the parts you need in a reasonable amount of time, the costs could go sky high. If you are going to be using a caster for a long time, then you should consider getting one made from a solid, durable material.

The cost of the caster may increase or decrease depending on the specific features and options you choose. This is because the caster must meet your load requirements, maneuverability, and flooring surface. You also must consider the speed at which you want the caster to move.

Colson Caster Wheels

You can have a custom caster designed for a variety of applications. For instance, you can have a wheel with an extended swivel lead, which will reduce push-pull forces and improve maneuverability.

You can also have a urethane tread, which is designed to protect floors and offer faster operating speeds. In addition, you can have a precision axle designed for smooth operation. These features can help you keep your casters functioning longer, improving productivity.