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Behavior and Development Stages of Cane Corso Breeders

When it comes to training cane Corso breeders, you need to do this at an early stage. In this way, you would get the best result from your training. Apart from getting cane Corso puppies near me, you need to understand the behavior and development stages of cane Corso breeders.

  • The Neonatal Stage: 0 – 2 Weeks

The neonatal stage round about the first fourteen days of your cane Corso’s life, from birth until they open their eyes. At this stage, you would see childish behaviors such as sleeping and nursing.

  • The Transitional Stage: 2 – 4 Weeks

The train abilities of cane Corso puppies start to create during this stage. Your Corso dog would start strolling and leave the home box happily. Early vocalization like crying or woofing may happen.

  • The Primary Socialization Stage: 3 – 5 Weeks

Socialization is the most essential behavior stage in your dog’s life. During the primary socialization stage, your king Corso dog would become aware of all sensory environments. Yet, depending on your specific cane Corso breeder, some puppies may need a longer time with their mother.

At this stage, you could teach some important lessons like bite inhibition, playing, and obedient behavior. You could also teach them to get along with other people and other animals around them. Usually, at the age of 3 weeks, cane Corso breeders would start to approach familiar people and strangers in the same way.

  • The Human Socialization Stage: 6 – 12 Weeks

At 8 weeks, all-black cane Corso is ready to start stable learning. You could teach your black cane Corso to get along with different people, places, sounds, and other animals. This would then decide his fundamental type and behavior.

  • The Fear Imprint Stage: 8 – 11 Weeks

The socialization stage also includes dread and vulnerability. The world is totally new to a cane Corso blue puppy and he doesn’t see any of it yet. Loud noises or intense crowds could frighten your puppy. Thus, socialization needs to be positive and controlled.

  • The Juvenile Stage: 3 – 6 Months

The juvenile stage is a continuous learning measure. During this stage, you could forge ahead with your training while strengthening the bond with your cane Corso dog breed. His liable learning limit and speed are at their most significant level and just dialing back starting from here on. This is when you should take your dog to different places, sounds, people, animals, and situations regularly.

  • The Second Fear Stage: 6 – 14 Months

Along with its sexual development, your cane Corso would lose its soft puppy coat and replace it with a thicker adult coat. You might see a slight ascent in reactivity or normal behavior.

Your dog may respond unhappily to new people or situations. Hence, you need to approach your dog with persistence and understanding. Give him space to revise his behavior.

  • The Adolescent Stage: 1 – 3 Years

At this stage, all cane Corso breeders would arrive at emotional development. They might show more prevailing behavior while testing his situation in the pack. But since you have invested your energy in training and mingling with your cane Corso dog, you would not run over any of these issues.

Discipline should be implemented effectively to handle your Cane Corso. Below are some ways to make it easier for you.

  • The right planning is the main principle when it comes to discipline your black cane corso. You have a 3-second window to address or turn away any undesirable behavior as your dog would basically forget about it after.
  • Give a strong and direct “no” would be a smart and least demanding type of correction. Try not to use any physical enforcement as it would be inappropriate, unreliable, and your cane corso dog breed would not get it.
  • Show your dog that you don’t approve of his behavior but also take a positive redirection to complete this interaction. This would guarantee your black cane corso to understand that his behavior was disappointed. Additionally, it would teach him what he needs to do instead.

For example, if you have some guests at your home and your cane Corso blue is continually jumping on them. At this moment, you could strictly say “no” to your dog. This might not resolve the issue but you could then show him the right way to greet guests by sitting calmly in front of them.

Another ideal strategy for discipline is by ignoring your king Corso dog when he shows any terrible behavior. This would work well with cane Corso puppies as they always wish to get your heart.

When your cane Corso shows undesired behavior, try to leave him and come back once he could calm down.

Last but not least, it is really important to stay with your strategies for training and disciplining all-black cane Corso. Always will win respect and trust from your dog. In this way, he would consider you to be a strong and dependable owner.

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