Basic Info About Form Maker for Weebly

If you want to create a web form for your Weebly website, you have a few choices. There are 123FormBuilder and JotForm, which you can read about below. You should also look into their Embed Code functionality, as well as whether they are mobile-ready by default. But which one is best? Here are some tips to help you decide. Listed below are some basics about each of these form makers for Weebly.


You can create a form using 123FormBuilder if you want to create a professional-looking webform. It has a friendly interface, advanced features, and over 1.9 million users across 185 countries. It has achieved HIPAA compliance and is trusted by major industry verticals. You can also embed your forms on other websites. Here are some examples.

Weebly Forms


You may have heard of Weebly forms, a website building service that makes it easy for anyone to create a custom website, online store, or blog. Its scores of free themes and gorgeous pictures have made it a popular choice for small businesses, educators, and anyone without the resources to build a custom website. Now, Jotform has joined the ranks of these tools and can be permanently installed on your Weebly website.

Embed Code functionality

If you’re looking to use the form maker for Weebly, you should know that embed code is an option. You’ll find it in the editor area of your website. Once you’ve pasted the embed code into the editor, your form should appear on your live webpage. The following information will help you to use embed code to add more functionality to your forms. Basic info about embed code functionality of form maker for Weebly.

Weebly Forms

Mobile-ready by default

Unlike other website builders, Weebly forms are mobile-ready by default. You can even choose to add more forms than the default one, if you want. Weebly offers dozens of themes, widgets, and other add-ons. While Weebly has a great drag-and-drop interface, many of its features are not available for free. The following are some of the free features that are not available to everyone.

Free Plan

Using a free plan is a great way to experiment with Weebly. There are no hidden fees, and you can stay on the plan as long as you want. This plan offers 500MB of storage, as well as analytics and marketing tools. You can also sell through your free plan if you want to increase your revenue. You can find out more about the features of the paid plans below.

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