Armstrong Vinyl Flooring Online

Armstrong Vinyl Flooring Offers Many Options

Whatever your interior design aesthetic, modern vinyl flooring is available in so many different types and patterns that you are sure to find something to fit your home.

And if you choose this type of finish from a company like Armstrong, you’ll realize just how much vinyl has evolved over the past year. In fact, you might be so impressed that you decide to use vinyl in more rooms of your house.

Armstrong’s Rhino flooring has been treated to be dirt resistant, so you do not have to waste your valuable spare time trying to keep it clean. It is far easier to maintain than real wood, tile, or stone.

Armstrong Vinyl Flooring Online

It is also abrasion-resistant, and because to its unique no-slip texture, it won’t cause a risk of slipping and falling over if a puddle forms. This is comforting if you have young children running around.

You could not be more mistaken if you believed that because you chose vinyl Armstrong flooring, you would not be able to discover something that properly matched your decor. In fact, there are hundreds of various colors, patterns, and textures available for you to browse.

If your kitchen has a kitsch, 1950s diner vibe, a dramatic black and white check or monochromatic Blenheim pattern would be great. However, if you have chosen all-wood cabinets and earthy tones, a bamboo plank style might be ideal.

In the meantime, why not choose a terracotta tile design for a touch of the Mediterranean that will make you feel like you are on vacation in your own kitchen?

Armstrong Vinyl Flooring Online

A simple pebble pattern vinyl, like Verona, will look great in most bathrooms, and you could even choose an antique oak finish in your living or dining room as a great low-cost and easy-to-maintain alternative to real hardwood floors. Vinyl flooring can look great in a variety of rooms, not just the kitchen.

Therefore, whether you’re looking for fashionable flooring to properly match your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or office, be sure to start with Armstrong — you won’t be sorry.

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