Advantages Of Material Handling Solutions With Caster Wheels

Material Handling Solutions are automated or semi-automated processes that help companies handle heavy loads. They include the use of high-powered magnets attached to lifting machines to facilitate the movement of heavy loads. Other solutions include the use of caster wheels with swivel-EAZ(r) PRO systems that reduce the risk of injuries from falling loads. For more information about the advantages of material handling solutions, visit the manufacturer’s website.

Hard rubber wheels have a larger load capacity

A hard rubber wheel has a higher load capacity than a soft rubber wheel and will not flatten while under load. In addition, hard rubber wheels have good rolling ability and do not mark floors. They are easy to start and maintain, as well as resistant to most chemicals, grease, and oils. However, they are not non-marking. Another option is the phenolic wheel, which is made from a macerated canvas material.

Cast-iron wheels are made of powdered iron that is compressed to cast-iron strength. As a result, they are smooth, quiet, and protect floors. They are available with plain bearings and an operating temperature range of -40 to 500 degrees F. Semi-steel wheels are durable, have a high load capacity, and have a long life span. They are recommended for use on rough wood floors and have a heavy tread. These wheels also feature roller and plain bearings for long life.

Caster Wheels

RWM elastomeric high-tensile rubber wheels are the highest-quality molded rubber wheels on the market. Their superior tear strength and load capacity make them the preferred choice for a wide variety of applications. These wheels are perfect for continuous use operations and large assembly lines. Hard rubber wheels also provide excellent floor protection. These wheels are characterized by low rolling resistance and are easy to clean.

Glass filled nylon wheels are resistant to chemicals

The glass-filled nylon wheel is a tough thermoplastic compound that resists the most chemical, alkali, and oil-based cleaning agents. Glass-filled wheels also resist high temperatures, and have high load capacities and impact resistance. The glass-filled nylon wheel has high load capacities and is washable, making it ideal for various industrial applications. Read on to learn about the benefits of glass-filled nylon wheels and why they are so popular among industrial companies.

Glass filled nylon casters are most commonly used in food service and medical equipment. They are resistant to chemical and corrosion and feature precision sealed ball bearing swivel sections for a smooth, quiet ride. The thermoplastic rubber wheels are also durable and quiet, making them ideal for tow lines, freezers, and food-service equipment. They are also resistant to oil and grease. In addition, glass-filled nylon wheels are nonmarking and easy to clean.

Caster Wheels

Glass filled nylon wheels are resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and are highly durable. They are especially useful for applications where the floor is constantly being cleaned or if chemicals are present. Because glass filled nylon is non-marking, these casters are non-conductive and non-slip. Unlike glass-filled phenolic wheels, these wheels will not scratch floors. They are also lightweight, making them ideal for many industrial applications.

Swivel-EAZ(r) PRO caster systems reduce the risk of injury

Swivel-EAZ(r) Pro material handling caster systems can decrease the risk of injury by increasing workplace ergonomics. Their large offset reduces the amount of force required to pivot a wheel out of its current position. The increased offset also decreases the amount of noise caused by the caster while in motion. The long lever reduces swiveling force, making them easier to turn and maneuver.

Aubin Industries offers ergonomic material handling solutions through its innovative technology. The result is a wide range of manual and assisted mobile systems that increase productivity and profitability. These products feature the patented 3 axis Swivel-EAZ wheel, which significantly reduces floor contact pressure. It also provides a wide range of wheel options for varying capacity requirements. For maximum flexibility, you can choose Swivel-EAZ(r) PRO casters with capacities ranging from 30,000 pounds to 80,000 pounds.

Caster Wheels

Ensure casters are properly lubricated. A faulty kingpin design or a low-quality wheel tread are the leading causes of safety incidents. Overloaded carts, poor-quality casters, and high rolling resistance can lead to physical overexertion and injury. This is the number one cause of workplace injuries. Cart manufacturers look for ways to cut costs and specify cheap casters. However, these casters may use less-than-ideal materials and be poorly suited to your specific application. This can further contribute to workplace injuries.