Ali Ciwanro

A Fresh Take on Ali Ciwanro

We are all linked together via music. You could feel as though you’ve known the words of a favorite singer’s song your whole life just by listening to the lyrics. They are sometimes neglected, yet songwriters occupy one of the most important jobs in music. Ghostwriting is an additional career that is often overlooked. Some of our favorite songs were written by others, yet they were performed by and given credit to a well-known performer. Can you imagine hearing your favorite song being performed by another singer? It would probably seem weird to most.

Growing up, Ali Ciwanro has always written song lyrics. It started as an outlet for him to express his frustrations, but it has now developed into much more. With his will and ability to express himself, he was able to flee Gelsenkirchen, Germany. When it comes to writing lyrics, Ali has honed his unique structure style. He does a great job of rhyming syllabic patterns and uses some great similes in the process. When paired with his lyrics, his unique approach is undeniable. A new record with an American musician is coming up shortly, after his many collaborations with German performers. For his efforts, he has been awarded two gold records and plans to keep that trend going.

The fact that he isn’t concerned about whether or not his songs will be accepted in today’s music business is something to be admired. The guts to write from the heart, rather than what is fashionable, is something that hardly everyone possesses. The skilled artist was greatly influenced by the work of German artist PA Sports. In Ali’s eyes, PA Sports was able to put his issues into words. Eminem of the United States is another artist he admires, and he hopes to one day collaborate with him.

Ciwanro believes that his body of work will be remembered as an artist who poured his heart and soul into the craft of songwriting. I am certain that he will be able to achieve his objectives because of his dedication to his chosen path. Ali’s will to win is unmatched. There is no age limit on what people can accomplish, and there is no limit to what they can achieve. In the year 2022, keep an eye out for Ali Ciwanro’s next projects to see what he’s up to.

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