9 Job-Oriented Courses You Should Consider

Are you a graduate fresh out of university? Or are you planning to switch your job? Whatever the case may be, taking a short job-oriented course can greatly improve your hard and soft skills. Did you know that in 2021, the global employment-to-population ratio statistics was about 55.9%?

Since the world is progressing very rapidly, it’s time to keep up with the current trends. And that can be done easily if you take a job-oriented course. Below are some of the best courses that you can consider.

1. Digital marketing

This is a short course you can pursue right after you complete your school education. Digital marketing has become a worldwide rage, especially since so many companies are now shifting towards e-commerce platforms.

You can go for a BBA or MBA digital marketing option because they are beneficial for your university courses too, later on.

2. Data science

Data science is a very popular field because it involves reading and extracting meaningful data from a large chunk of unreadable data. Most of this data is used by multinational corporations or enterprises to boost their companies.

In a data science course, you will learn about statistics and probability, programming languages like R and Python, and even a bit of calculus.

data sciences

3. Business accounting

Any undergraduate or postgraduate student can take a business accounting course. Most of these courses are about 3-4 months, and they all teach you a variety of important skills. You can learn about tax management, keeping proper records of financial accounts, and methods of e-accounting.

In any organization, business accounting is needed to overlook processes like audits, payrolls, and financial management. As a business accountant, you will take care of all this.

4. Sales and marketing

As the name suggests, sales and marketing courses help you to become a pro at selling and campaigning products of a certain brand. From running social media campaigns to finding out strategies to attract consumers, courses on sales and marketing are the hottest topics now.

These courses also help you to develop your communication skills as well as manage clients and different agents. You can complete an average course of this kind in just 80 hours or so!

5. Biotechnology

After completing your Bachelor’s in Biotechnology, you can opt for a course on Masters in Biotechnology. This is a field with innumerable opportunities and you can go to any field you wish.

From lab-based courses, such as cell biology, molecular biology, and genetic engineering to corporate courses like IPR, biotechnology can offer you so much. An average Master’s course in Biotechnology is about 2 years and after this, you can try for further studies and get a PhD.


6. Full-stack technology

Full-stack technology courses help you to develop sites and gain knowledge on both front-end and server-side technologies. You can create your own dynamic website after taking a full-stack technology course.

It provides you with materials from front-end technologies like HTML and Java and backend frameworks like Python and PHP. Additionally, you will also learn about databases like MySQL and MongoDB.

7. Machine learning

This is one of the most popular short-term courses that students pursue after school. However, you can even pursue it after your graduation or even postgraduation.

It typically involves a 6 month-course where you learn about the different techniques in which machines function. If you excel in machine learning, you can easily get a leadership role in automation and technology or as an analyst to understand data science.

8. Certified financial planner

Any organization requires financial planners to create and organize financial documents and plans for long-term visions. In a certified financial planning course, you will learn about tax management, insurance, and analytical problem-solving skills.

Financial planning can land you a job in any reputed firm, which is why pursuing a course in it is a great idea!

Animation and multimedia

9. Animation and multimedia

If you love making cartoons come to life, then a course in animation and multimedia will be ideal for you. You can learn all about VFX, graphic and web designing, and even gaming.

Based on your skills and interests, you can later pursue any sort of specialization. You can develop video games or create animated characters for movies or the entertainment industry!

Over to you…

These are a few of the most popular job-oriented courses you can try out to sharpen your skills. With the right kind of training and skill set, you can bag a job anywhere you wish!

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