7 Tips To Gain YouTube Engagement For a YouTube Video

YouTube is one of the largest social media platforms in the world today. YouTube is also one of the first social media platforms that allowed creators to make a living. YouTube is a great place to find more people and expand your platform. It also makes it very easy to reach out to a community of people and build a trademark for yourself. Getting engagements on YouTube can be a little challenging. YouTube is a huge platform and therefore, it also has a very large following. 

There are millions of people on YouTube. Similarly, there are also millions of creators. Creators on YouTube are very unique. A lot of them are already very successful. Therefore, if you truly want to gain engagement on YouTube you need to take a few things into account. There are a few tips that you can use to increase your YouTube engagements. If you wish to know more about these, keep reading the article. Here are 7 tips to gain YouTube engagement follow YouTube videos:

1. Choose a target audience

It is very important to have a target audience on YouTube. You cannot produce content on all topics on one channel. You need to stick to a specific audience and make content for that audience. You also need to make sure that all the content on your channel mostly revolves around the same topic. This is important so that if anyone likes a certain video of yours and wants to see more similar videos, you will have a bunch of them on your channel. For example, if you make videos relating to food, you need to make sure that you stick to it. Focusing on the target audience will help you to get more engagements as people will consider you more professional. Therefore, you must choose your target audience wisely.

2. Buy YouTube Subscribers:

The easiest and fastest way to gain engagement is by buying YouTube subscribers. Buying subscribers is almost like an investment for your account. This will help you to give a good boost to your account and help it grow. The internet nowadays is all about numbers. If people see that you have a bunch of subscribers on your account, they will more likely engage with your content as they will think that you are professional and experienced. This will later give you many genuine subscribers. There are many websites online that can offer you realistic and affordable YouTube subscribers. Followerbar, media mister, buy more fans, storm views and UseViral are some of the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers from.

YouTube Subscribers

3. Make unique content:

YouTube is an entertainment platform that has been around for a long time. Many creators have launched various types of videos on the app. Because YouTube has been around for so long, almost every genre of video has been tried and tested by other creators. Therefore, if you want to stand out and get my engagement you need to make unique content. You need to present the audience with something completely new and never seen before. If your video is unique, it will get more engagements, interactions and also shares which will help boost your account.

4. Use SEO:

Using SEO is something that will boost your account. SEO allows you to optimise your video titles based on the search results. For this, you need to research the titles which are majorly searched on YouTube. Depending upon the niche of your video you can type in a few words in the search bar of YouTube and see which keywords come up as a result. You should add these words in the heading of your video. Now, when people search for these keywords, your video will appear as one of the search results. You can use these relevant keywords anywhere in your metadata. This includes subtitles, video descriptions, tags and also the heading of your video. 

5. Create attractive thumbnails:

A huge part of the engagement that you get on your videos depends upon your thumbnails. YouTube thumbnails are the first thing that a viewer sees while scrolling through a bunch of videos. Therefore you need to make them attractive. To catch the eye of your audience you need to make it as visually appealing as possible. To make your thumbnails attractive, you can use various photo editing apps. You can add stickers, funny or shocking edits and also texts which will attract people. 

attractive thumbnails

6. Create playlists:

Playlists will help you to divide your videos into separate categories. Playlists can also help to attract more engagements to your account. If a person clicks on a video of yours, your playlist will appear next to it. Therefore, if they wish to see more similar videos all they need to do is click on the playlist. In this manner, you can drive attention to all your videos and gain more interactions. 

7. Interact with your followers: 

Interacting with your subscribers is going to help you to build a better relationship with them. On YouTube, you must have a friendly relationship with all of your followers. This is because if you build a connection, these people will revisit your channel and watch your new videos as well. If you truly want a group of loyal supporters for your YouTube channel, then you need to make sure that you interact with them. The best ways to interact would be by replying to their comments, giving shout outs, holding giveaways, etc. 

These were 7 tips to gain YouTube engagements for the YouTube video. We hope that these could help you to increase your engagements on your YouTube channel.

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