6 Ways To Give Your Living Room a Contemporary Look

Have you been lusting over the latest living room trends? And if you are a person inclining on modern designs with textural patterns and clean lines, then it has to be the contemporary style. 

So, are you looking for chic ideas to design a contemporary living room in your home. ? Yes! Then, you have come to the right place. Here we have curated all-time favorite modern and sleek contemporary living room ideas to help you get inspired and design your living room accordingly. 

Use of colors 

The foremost important aspect of achieving a contemporary living room is the color. If you thought that contemporary is all about bright white all this time, you were wrong. 

There is a stark contrast in the colors used to create this design. For instance, when you have gone all bright, ensure that one centerpiece of furniture that purposefully stands out. The contemporary look is about monochrome as such color allows you to move from one extreme to the other effortlessly. 

Keep in mind to have confident color choices, and be carefree to moving across the color wheel. To get the contemporary look, color palettes are strong and bring forward striking contradictions. This makes this sleek and modern styling so dynamic. 

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Incorporate strong visible lines 

Either vertical, horizontal, or curved lines and shapes, or any other stronger lines are characteristic features of this style. You must include strong lines in structural details or get hands-on with the decor accents with geometric shapes. 

Additionally, strong visible lines could be executed in your living room by color-blocking some walls or even the furnishings. 

Incorporate contemporary styled furniture 

One common thing amongst all contemporary styled furniture is that the legs of this furniture are always on the show. Often, sofas or armchairs with tapered or angled wooden legs are preferred. 

You need to pick furniture that is bold and, at the same time, simple. For example, a smooth curved chesterfield sofa, be it of beige, red, or navy blue color. In addition, you need to ensure placing it against a light-colored wall. 

Remember to switch to space-saving furniture with plenty of inbuilt storage space. You may visit https://www.homemakersfurniture.com.au/ to explore an extensive range of high-quality, compact, and luxurious furniture to help you bring your living room furniture ideas to life. 


When your living room is all sober, you should aim for large-scale monochrome arts. You could even go for the bolder ones. You need to frame all artwork using wood or metals and high-gloss or matte black. Additionally, you might even incorporate any sculptural accents in bold colors. It helps these accents to pop from a sober background. 

You could choose from stone, metal, or glass top for the side table. However, keep in mind not to clutter the living room with many accent items. Instead, it would be best to own a few with well spacing amongst them.


You could go with some interesting patterns or self patterns for your fabric furnishings. However, keep in mind to avoid using a lot of bold and loud prints and colors. 

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For instance, for a neutral room, you may use:

  • patterned cushions, 
  • striped window drapes, or 
  • a patterned rug

However, remember to keep all the fabric furnishings in neutral shades only. Additionally, you should avoid fancy and other furnishings with fringes and tassels for any of your covers, curtains, or even chairs. 

Lighting options 

Lighting should be placed strategically from ceiling to floor. Recessed lighting gives a great contemporary look. It works miraculously in any room; you even get the option to combine it with accent lighting. 

If you want a more pared-back design, try adding a sculptural pendant light that acts as artwork. 

Keep in mind that it’s just the contemporary look, where you may use LED lighting strips. For example, you may use it as borders around ceilings, soffits, or dropped ceilings. This way, you will be able to highlight your architectural designs and even emphasize varied geometric and clean accents. 


You have already learned so many chic ideas to achieve a perfect contemporary-styled living room. So, wait no more and put your contemporary living room ideas to life at the earliest. 

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