6 Things you can put in a customized gift box for a man

Nowadays, customized gift boxes are an extremely popular choice in gifting. The effort to pick each item, packed with love and perfection wins the heart of the receiver. So, it is really important to choose the right gifts for the box if you wish to impress the other person.

While selecting gifts, we often get lost in our own ideas. If the other person happens to be a man, then the confusion is even more. But don’t worry, I have six suggestions for you to create an ideal customized gift box.

Of course, you don’t need to put all of them in one box. You can explore and experiment according to your will as well.

1. Perfume

A lot of men actually like perfumes. If you think your man falls in this category, adding scent to the gift box might be great. Before choosing the right fragrance, you should know what smell he likes.

For that, you need to know what kind of perfume he is using currently, and based on that, you can pick the ideal one.

Perfume gift boxes

While there are different categories for men and women in the perfume world, a lot of men have a fetish for perfume for women. So, the next time when you visit his home, don’t forget to check out his dressing table and if you spot a woman’s perfume, you know what to buy for him! 😉

A good perfume is available in myriad price ranges – so that it fits everyone’s budget!

2. Sunglass

While talking about gifts, sunglasses can’t be missed. Sunglasses are the most effortless and classic gift. They will protect the eyes from UV rays on a scorching day while making the man the most handsome guy.

Before purchasing sunglasses, there are some things that you need to know. You must choose the frame as per men’s facial structure and also keep your budget comparatively high because low-priced sunglasses use materials that can be harmful to the eye if they come into contact with direct sunlight.

3. Wallet

A wallet is a good thing to include in the gift box. You can either go for a branded leather wallet or a customized one. The latter is a new concept.

You can put the full name or the initial alphabet on the wallet. Furthermore, you have the option to add accessories. Multiple online websites provide customized wallets.

The branded one is costlier, but it has fine leather, giving a premium look and feel. A good male wallet is available in so many price ranges that you’ll be spoilt for choices.

Wallet gift for men

4. Books

Books are the greatest gift for anyone – irrespective of gender. It can be a teacher, friend, philosopher and so many things at once. If the man is a bookworm, it is like a treasure. You can add books by his favorite writer.

You can also share your dearest books or your recommendations in the box. Some books have a whole series, like Harry Potter, that you can add in a box.

5. Small Bluetooth speaker

Nowadays, there are a lot of varieties in the Bluetooth speaker category. I am talking about the small Bluetooth speakers that easily fit into the pocket.  You can carry them anywhere. It is an excellent gift for music lovers and travelers.

These Bluetooth speakers are easy to use and have a quality sound. Most companies are now giving 24 hrs battery backup which is available for various budgets. So, go, explore a few, and include the one with the best features.

6. Watch

Watch is the most popular gift. Depending upon your budget, you can choose the perfect watch for your man. In the old days, people who had decent income were only allowed to wear watches so that others would look up to them.

The definition is certainly not the same now, but the preference hasn’t changed. We have a lot of options to choose from. If the man is a tech enthusiast, giving him a smartwatch is a great idea. If he seems to be more into vintage things, you can gift him analog watches of famous labels.

Over to you…

Other than these six items, you can consider adding skin and hair care products. Further, don’t forget to add a card and write two-three lines for him. It will make the gift box even more memorable.

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