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6 Inspiring Design Ideas for Mailer Boxes for Packaging

When you’re shipping an item to a customer, it’s crucial that it arrives in perfect condition. It is for that reason that boxes made for shipping are manufactured specifically to protect. The products inside from the hazards of the post office and other delivery companies. While these boxes may seem cosmetic at first glance, they perform a vital role in ensuring customer satisfaction and can be an effective way for brands to advertise themselves.

What are Mailer Boxes?

Mailer boxes are the most common type of shipping box for e-commerce companies. As they are also useful for sending packages that contain products. The interlocking flaps and wings secure the contents of the box without needing to use adhesive tape. This makes it easier to send packages in bulk, as well as store excess inventory. Subscription box companies that ship hundreds of orders a month use paperboard every single day. For them, durability is topmost priority; and if there’s one thing that can truly withstand the test of time, it is paperboard. For these reason, paperboard boxes are the preferred choice for many subscription box companies.

There are a few different types of mailer boxes out in the market:
Standard mailer boxes with wings: one of the most common types of mailer box out there.
Mailer boxes with an adhesive and tear strip: adding adhesives to mailer boxes for easy sealing and the tear strip allows for easy opening.
Mailer boxes without wings: like the standard mailer box, but without the wings on the side.

Mailer Box Design

Mailer boxes serve more than just a functional purpose. They can easily become marketing tools to draw attention to your business. And its upcoming products, and many companies use this opportunity to their advantage. Mailer boxes come in all shapes and sizes. With various printing options that allow you to advertise your business while also getting the word out about your newest products. The following are some great examples of strategic design on mailer boxes by other brands that you may want to emulate.

1 – Kraft mailer boxes

Kraft materials are a popular choice for packaging, offering convenience and being environmentally friendly. These products are made out of high-quality pine. While they are both durable and strong enough to keep your product safe during shipping. Furthermore, these products are completely recyclable because they are made from wood.

2 – Custom box inserts

Custom inserts can add a lot of value to products. Whether it is holding the product in place or providing an extra layer of protection. Some products, especially those that are fragile like cosmetics, are subject to the dangers of shipping. And may need the extra help from custom inserts. Nail Deck, a Singaporean vegan nail polish brand, used packaging. Inserts that were pleasing to the eyes to keep their small bottles of nail polishes in place.

3 – Custom Printed Stickers

A great way to get your customers involved is through use of stickers. Although there are many ways to use stickers, adding it onto the packaging as a seal or on the surface of the packaging can provide a lot of value. Putting your logo or a message on the sticker along with a simple design can be aesthetically pleasing to consumers, while also educating them about the brand and product.

4 – Blank Canvas

Mailer boxes are often used as a direct mailing service. With content relevant to the product or brand listed on the side of the package. This is a great way to keep in contact with your customers. And build your brand’s identity on a consistent basis. It also gives you the chance to let shoppers know how they can recycle the box once they’ve received their items.

5 – Minimal Kraft and White

There are a variety of ways to design the actual packaging. Some might choose to create a distinctive design, while others might want to keep it simple. The design that you choose should correlate with your brand identity. And product, as well as the preferences of your target customers.

6 – Printing on the inside of the Box

A great way to increase the perceived value of your product is by including relevant information in the packaging itself. Some products contain cards or pamphlets that provide instructions, but these are often thrown away. By adding a fold out sleeve that contains relevant information. You are maximizing the opportunity to educate the consumer about how to use your product and help them get more out of it. While also providing a vehicle for featuring additional products or services.
Now that you have more knowledge on the field of mailer boxes and packaging. You will be able to decide if a mailer box is right for your products. And how to go about designing one that suits your brand. If you’re starting out and aren’t sure how to order affordable, high quality packaging, simply head over to Packzy for an instant quote.

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