5 Tips to Select Best Urinary Incontinence Products

Living with Urinary Incontinence can be painful, embarrassing, and cause severe depression. Millions of men around the world deal with Urinary Incontinence. In men, Incontinence typically occurs due to surgical procedures or other reasons. And in some cases, Incontinences develop as people age. 

Before we delve into managing urinary Incontinence in men, it is essential to understand the process of urination and the origin of urinary Incontinence in men. 

A Brief Overview of Urinary Incontinence 

Urination is emptying the bladder, which occurs through the urethra. The urethra is the pipe that links the bladder to the body’s exterior. Two sphincters keep the urethra closed to prevent leaks: the internal sphincter is located at the neck of the bladder.

When it’s not appropriate to urinate and the bladder seems complete, the stretch receptors in the bladder wall signal the spinal cord and the brain. Signals from the brain inhibit the sphincters and close them to prevent voiding. The spinal cord passes signals to the tissues of the bladder to contract, and the sphincters open to release the urine. 
This misfunction is termed Urinary Incontinence. 

How to choose the best Incontinence product for you 

No one straight answer would work for everyone because everybody on earth has a different body structure and daily schedule. It also affects their decisions, including how they manage their body metabolism. 

However, there are a few things to consider when selecting Incontinence products for men, and below are some of them. 

Overflow Incontinence: Constant dribbling of urines. When the bladder does not empty entirely or correctly while voiding, urine overflows almost every time. Weakened muscles in the bladder wall, a blocked or narrow urethra might cause it. The overflow would require high-quality products specially designed to handle extreme cases of Incontinence. Depends Adult diapers are an excellent example of a high-quality product that works perfectly for any case of Incontinence. 

Stress Incontinence: urine leakage while coughing, laughing, sneezing, or any activity that creates abdominal pressure on the bladder.

Urgence Incontinence: An overactive bladder commonly causes it. This is a condition in which muscles in the wall of the bladder contract in an uncontrollable manner. Scientists are not clear why this happens, but it’s likely to involve problems in the nervous system.


Incontinence is a physiological dysfunction in the masculine body. It means that patients living with Incontinence might manage the condition over a while. Consistent use of Incontinence products may result in exorbitant prices if patients opt for costly products. 

Duration of use 

If you will be wearing the product for an extended period at a stretch, it is best to choose products that would not cling to your skin or cause moisture to form and settle on your skin. 

Before you choose your product: 

Consider your skin’s reaction to the product. 

  • Check for testimonials and track records of the product. 
  • Check for reviews of other customers that have used the product. 
  • Your Urinary Incontinence Management Plan 


When choosing an Incontinence product, pay attention to your physiological features. Human beings have various physical characteristics, and what works for a category of people may not work well for you. Most companies would market their product as the all-fitting solution for Incontinence. However, repeated use of these products results in persistent discomfort. 

The most effective approach is to manage urinary Incontinence curatively. Therefore, the effects of choice should be in line with the prescribed plan of your doctor and handlers. 


The most effective approach is to manage urinary Incontinence curatively. In order words, Incontinence should be handled to cure the dysfunction and not continue relying indefinitely on the product. Therefore, the effects of choice should be in line with the prescribed plan of your doctor and handlers. 

Final Words 

Incontinence is not as bad as you may think; nearly 10% of men worldwide experience urinary Incontinence. Several treatments are available for urinary Incontinence in men ranging from surgery to medications. Notwithstanding the duration of use, it is advisable to opt for products with high absorption capacity because urines easily attract bacteria that can cause infections for your skin. 

Adult care is one of the most important thing in aged people so it is our responsibility to take care of them.

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