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5 Tips to make your dates awesome within a budget

Most people believe that dating is only fun when you have a deep pocket. While, in reality, dates are all about love, your partner, and the butterflies in the belly. The place, the venue, the food – they hardly matter when you’re with the right person.

According to research, around 47% of Americans have confided that dating has become so much harder, due to the extreme surge in prices.

If you’re one of them, then I am here to your rescue. Buddy, all you need is some prior planning to sweep your sweetheart off their feet and impress them with a fun and exciting date night.

So, without any further ado, let’s get down to the five amazing tips you must adapt to impress your beloved with a romantic date (even if you’re on a budget!):


1. Do your Homework

Start your planning with some research. Know what your partner likes and dislikes and plan your date accordingly.

For instance, if your significant other is a fanatic of romantic books, then make sure you know the most-loved romantic author. In fact, to walk the extra mile, you can arrange a cozy date in the library, and maybe discuss your favorite authors!

End the date with a cup of coffee, and walk down the tranquil streets hand-in-hand. This idea can come out as extremely thoughtful and express how much you care for your favorite person, plus its budget-friendly too!

If you’re looking to explore more date experiences, visit and pick your favorite.

2. Go to local events

I am sure you look forward to dates with your beau, even if you’re on a low budget. After all, it’s the company that matters, right?

So, here’s some valuable advice: If you and your partner are both music or sports lovers, then rather than going out to see an A-list celebrity perform or play, go to local cafes or sports events to get a glimpse of the fresh talents around you.

This can be fun, plus its light on the pocket. Look for the most talked-about events in town and pick the one that matches both of your interests.

local events

3. Hit the Happy Hours

In every club and restaurant, drinks are often super expensive. And going out for a drinks date with your beau, can be a little burdening on your pocket.

So, check out the Happy Hours in the clubs. Happy hours, generally, are a period of time within which, mostly the clubs give huge discounts on drinks and snacks.

So, get ready to hit the places with Happy Hours where you and your beau can drink to your heart’s content, even with a tight budget.

4. Be early

I know this might seem a bit lame, but getting early reservations for a date can sometimes be cheaper than expected!

For example, if you’re trying to score movie tickets or exclusive passes to a club, then do it as fast as possible There’s a thing called the ‘Early Bird Offer’ that many known clubs in the city offer to their customers, which includes attractive discounts on the deal!

So, to surprise your sweetheart with the perfect date, book the tickets and passes from before and get past extra charges!

5. Split the bill

Now, we are living in an age where men and women alike, consider themselves equal.

So, if your partner is running a little low on the expenses, offer to split the bill so that it is not the burden on either of you. This way you both can enjoy the date to the fullest, without worrying about the expenses.


Remember, as partners you must understand each other’s problems and lend a helping hand whenever required.  

Over to you…

Dates are nothing but a romantic way to show your partner that they are valued and loved. So, whether you take them to a five-star restaurant or to a library date – it hardly matters, my friend! And I think, the best dates in the world are the ones that are meaningful and creative.

So, it’s time for you to forget the old-school, high-quality dates and embrace these pointers for dating under a low budget. 

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