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5 Things to Know Before you Start Using OKEx Exchange

Launched in 2017, OKEx is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Malta. It is one of the platforms that you can use to buy or trade crypto if its features are according to your criteria and requirements. However, to make sure that it checks all the boxes for you, you need to know about the features offered by the platform.

Every crypto exchange has some ups and downs that can help every interested party in determining whether it is suitable for them to use or not. However, knowing the pros and cons is important and even helpful.

Therefore, if you are looking to use the OKEx exchange then you need to know some plus points of the platform that are mentioned below.

Excellent Customer Support Offered by OKEx

Customer support is one of the top features that should always be considered by people before they start using an exchange. This is a major factor, especially for the beginners for a few reasons.

As a beginner, it is possible that you might not have enough information about the crypto market and trading. In such a case, if you choose a platform that has an impressive customer support system you can overcome several obstacles and problems that would otherwise make the overall experience quite complex for you.

However, if you do not carefully choose a platform that caters to the needs of its users you might face a lot of difficulty. Luckily, this brief OKEx exchange review talks about the remarkable customer support offered by the platform.

The customer support team consists of professionals who have extensive capabilities and are available around the clock to assist the users and address any concerns or queries they might have.

Banking Services

OKEx probably has one of the vastest collection of payment methods that it supports. People often look for a crypto platform based on the payment methods it supports as their convenience is important to them.

If your convenience is also a deciding factor for you then you should take a look at the several banking services offered by the exchange through various payment methods.

  • ApplePay
  • Bank transfer
  • Blueshift
  • BPay
  • Credit/debit card – Visa, MasterCard
  • Cryptocurrency transfer
  • Gift Cards – iTunes, Google, Amazon
  • iDeal
  • KaKao Pay
  • Payid
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Poli
  • Qiwi
  • SEPA
  • Skrill
  • UPI
  • Western Union

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How Much Fee Users Have to Pay?

The fee charged by an exchange is another factor that can help you determine if the available platform is suitable for you to use or not. Every crypto exchange charges a fee that the users have to pay but not all of them are fair and transparent.

There are platform that charge an unbelievably high fee and also include charges that are not disclosed to the users beforehand.

Therefore, if you want to use OKEx then you should also know how much fee you will pay if you choose the platform.

Here are the details of the OKEx fees every user should know:

  • 0.15% for market takers (spot trading)
  • 0.09% to 0.15% market makers (futures trading)
  • 0.030%-0.080% trading fees for VIP level users

Mobile Trading Application

This brief OKEx review addresses one of the most important features of the platform, which is its mobile trading application.

A mobile application can eliminate numerous complications and can make it easy for people to trade even if they don’t have access to their desktop. The mobile application might be more comfortable and easier for you to use, especially if you are a beginner.

This is available for both Android and iOS users and is more versatile than the desktop version. It enables people to trade while on the go. You can also have access to real-time data, trading, withdrawing and depositing funds, with the help of this mobile trading application.

Therefore, if you want to use OKEx and want to trade actively then the mobile application can greatly help you.

There are platforms that charge an unbelievably high fee and also include charges that are not disclosed to the users beforehand.”

Into this one: “That is why beginners in this industry usually choose to follow crypto expert advice and trade on the cheapest cryptocurrency exchanges.

User Experience Offered

The OKEx exchange is one of the platforms in the market that makes it easy for every interested party to buy and trade cryptocurrencies. The user interface of an exchange can make quite the difference in the kind of experience one has while using a platform.

This is because not every crypto platform is beginner-friendly and if a new investor or trader uses such an exchange they can have a difficult and stressful experience of buying or trading cryptocurrencies.

However, OKEx has a simple and straightforward interface that makes it suitable to be used by beginners and experts alike.

Key Takeaways!

There are different kinds of crypto exchanges and OKEx is one of the options in the market. However, if you are new to the crypto space then you should know some details of the platform so you can make an informed decision and choose the right platform.

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