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5 Styling Mistakes You Should Stop Making Now

Even if you have the trendiest and the most stylish outfits in your wardrobe, if you don’t pair them correctly, you can end up looking very wrong. Often, we women make so many styling mistakes that miss our eyes.

The women’s fashion industry is growing at a very rapid pace and has a revenue of over 600 million USD globally, so it’s no wonder that every woman owns an overflowing wardrobe. So among all the dresses and jewellery that you have, how do you avoid styling mistakes?

Here we have mentioned 5 major errors that you need to rectify today.

1. Buying from too many luxury brands

Many of us think that buying from expensive or high-end brands will make us look great no matter what we wear but that’s where the mistake happens. Luxury brands don’t always mean one’s sense of style is great.

In fact, most people who keep buying aimlessly from high-end brands have limited fashion sense. You can simply buy a few statement pieces from expensive boutiques and buy the majority of your clothes from affordable stores.

This will not only help you to choose outfits as per your style but will also save you a lot of money. But if you spend too much on expensive brands, you will risk missing out on great deals.

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2. Not enough or too many accessories

It’s always good to pair up your clothes with a few accessories like a necklace or a bangle. But do you wear too much jewellery on a casual workday or go wearing almost no jewellery to a fancy party?

If yes, then it’s time to mend these errors. You have to attain a balance between the accessories that you wear with your clothes. After all, these items will complement your overall look and tie everything together. If you wear too many rings, neckpieces, or bracelets, you will look tacky.

On the other hand, if you wear only your clothes and put on nothing else, the look will seem dull. So depending on your outfit, strike a good balance.

3. Ignoring sustainable fashion

It’s good to try out different fashion choices but it’s better to opt for sustainable fashion. With humans putting our beloved planet at increasing risk, it’s time to make conscious choices and do good for the environment.

Even leading beauty magazines like urge their readers to opt for ethical clothing. Many times, sustainable fabrics can cost slightly more which is why most people shy away from them.

But it’s healthier for both you and the planet in the long run. The best ethical and eco-friendly outfits will help you lead a sustainable life and take care of plants, animals, and other people.

4. Wearing the wrong size

A major mistake so many women make is to wear the wrong size of clothes. Due to peer pressure and societal taboo, most women are forced to believe that smaller-sized outfits will make them look slimmer.

It’s time to stop judging our bodies and accept them the way they are. On the other hand, a lot of people love wearing baggy tops with baggy pants. This will simply make you look like you’re drowning in piles of fabric.

Wearing the wrong size

So always go for sizes that compliment your body, no matter how slim or heavy you are. Even though your clothing size can vary from one store to another, look for average or free sizes like S, M, L etc.

5. Not following the dress code

Going haywire with the dress code can land you in trouble with the fashion police. Just keep things simple- wear work clothes to work, beach clothes to the beach, and cocktail gowns for parties.

It’s great to try out different items but don’t overdo things to the point where your colleagues think you’re wearing a fancy gown to the office.

Follow the code that fits in the setting of the atmosphere and then experiment with that. Wearing the right combination of clothes not only makes you look great but also gives others a good impression of you. For more tips on how to mix and match, read Mamamia’s blogs!

Over to you…

No matter what you wear, never sacrifice your comfort or individuality. Don’t be afraid to feel confident and bold in your clothes and always carry your outfits with a big smile. With experience, you’ll soon learn how to make heads turn anywhere!
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