5 Affordable Mobile Networks In Australia

Does it sometimes occur to you that you might be paying too much for your mobile plan? Even though you hardly make calls or use just a bit of the mobile internet, your bills seem to be shooting upwards with no chances of reduction.

Many Australians feel that their mobile plans are far too expensive but only one in ten actually go ahead and switch their networks over a 12-month period. If you wish to know some affordable mobile networks in Australia, our guide here can help you out.

1. Dodo

Dodo mobile plans are extremely affordable and user-friendly. You can order your SIM card online for free and get it shipped as soon as possible! After that, you can activate the SIM using any suitable plans that are available on the Dodo website.

Just for $10 a month, you get unlimited calls all over the country and 2 GB of data. Extra data charges cost $5. The bestselling plan costs $10 a month where you can make unlimited national calls or texts, as well as unlimited international texts.

You also get 20 GB of data and 100 minutes of talk time to selected countries. With fast delivery and no lock-in contracts, Dodo is a great choice!

Affordable Mobile Networks

2. Optus

Optus mobile plans are also a rage among Australians. It provides amazing network connections and always makes sure that all its customers stay updated regarding any network maintenance, network changes, or outages. With just $2 a day, you can get an amazing 5G Flex mobile connection that will give you ultra-high-speed internet.

You can opt for prepaid SIM plans or prepaid phones. You can even buy a brand new phone from Optus and pair it with a suitable Optus mobile plan so that connectivity is never an issue for you. Pay off the amount over 12, 24, or even 36 months as per your convenience.

3. Woolworths

Woolworths’ mobile network plans are also very affordable. If you’re already using a phone and wish to switch to an affordable SIM, this will be a very good option.

There are month-to-month SIM plans without any kind of lock-in contracts or extra hassles. If you sign up for Woolworths Everyday Rewards, you even get an amazing 10% off on your grocery shopping once every month!

Here, you get 22 GB of data for only $25 a month, along with unlimited calls and texts. Or you can even choose 42 GB of data for $35 per month, along with unlimited standard and international calls, with texting facilities in 22 different destinations.

5 Affordable Mobile Networks In Australia

4. Telstra

Telstra lets you pay your mobile plans upfront every month so that you won’t have to wait for any kind of surprises later!

You can buy your own phone and get an affordable mobile plan that is honest and transparent with you. The Telstra Upfront Small mobile plan costs $55 per month and gives you 40 GB of 4G data, along with unlimited national calls and texts.

The best part about this plan is that you can easily share your mobile data with up to 10 different data plans on the same account. There are no excess data charges and you even get unlimited SMS to all other countries.

5. Southern Phone

With Southern Phone mobile network plans, you can choose a brand new phone and pair it up with an affordable SIM plan. Pay this all at once or over 24 months. There are also a variety of different 5G SIM plans and you can choose whichever suits you best.

For example, with only $50 a month, you get 20 GB of mobile data and unlimited standard national calls and texts. If you pay just $10 extra, you even get a 1 GB of data boost!

The great value plan costs $60 a month and provides you with 80 GB of 5G data and unlimited standard calls and texts. You even get a $200 call credit for international calls.

Over to you…

These are the top 5 affordable mobile networks in Australia. All of them are pretty inexpensive and offer you some great plans for both calls and texts, as well as high-speed internet.

However, some of the cheapest mobile networks can restrict your national call value instead of offering unlimited calls, so be sure to choose a suitable plan wisely. Also, make sure you have the billing cycle clear so that you don’t run into any penalties.

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