Easy Curly Hairstyles

4 Easy Curly Hairstyles For The Christmas Holiday Season

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, there are so many holidays to look forward to. On numerous occasions, you have to look gorgeous and enjoy a great time with your buddies. Not only do you have to look beautiful, but you should pull your close people to look as beautiful as you.

When you go for a holiday gathering, gifting to others is important. Try gifting them with elegant and high-quality hair products from Indique and see the brightest smile on their faces. On top of that, Indique is providing a 25% offer this Christmas. It’s a great time to buy more hair products.

Bounce Coil Curl

Bounce Organic curl
Add volume to your short curly hair with hair extensions

If you haven’t tried Bounce Organic curl until now, you are missing one of the great hairstyles. They have a tight yet delicate curl pattern that is voluminous and defined. This extension has a richly textured style, a medium shine, and requires little upkeep. You can get a stunning tightly curled hairdo or brush through for a natural afro-inspired look. 

Imagine giving this beautiful, captivating bounce coil curl to your lovely ladies. They will be the happiest ones on the planet. Also, Indique provides the best quality of bounce, which is a chemical-free, steam-processed collection of virgin Indian hair. If they prefer short curly hair, with the help of a professional, they can trim the hair they want.

Voluminous Double Bun

Volumes Double Bun
This holiday, experiment with a glamorous hairstyle

Ever want to try these gorgeous and unique double buns? These hairstyles help bring out the best features of your face. It is a simple protective hairstyle created by twisting two sections of hair around one another until the end. Indique is making your wish to get this beautiful hairstyle possible by providing 4C Clip-in hair extensions.

Even if you have short curly hair, with hair extensions from indique you can add more volume for the double buns.

Buy best clip-in hair extensions from Indique and use a Denman brush to detangle the hair segments. Then twist two sections of the hair into a bun. Finally, the best hairstyle will be achieved. 

A Magnificent Deep Wave 

Deep Wave
Get out of everyday looks and get into a beautiful deep wave

Deep waves add great volume and beautiful waves to your hair. It has an easy-to-care-for texture, sustains long-lasting curls and waves, and flat irons wonderfully. For deep wave hair, simply wash it and style it lightly while revitalizing the waves with your fingertips. If you are tired of having short curly hair then hide it beneath your hair extensions.

With this style, you appear younger. Indique provides a Remix deep wave with virgin Remy hair colored to 1B to get this beach wave. Even if you cut these extensions with the stylist, you get those beautiful short curly hair.

Box Braids 

Box Braids
This captivating box braid this Christmas will leave you spellbound

Box braids are a fashionable protective hairdo for black women who love to travel. They look fabulous, are simple to care for, and can be styled in various ways. Wear them up, wear them down, add a headband, wear hat box braids go with everything. 

It takes years to get those lengths of hair. Now with 4c clip-in hair extensions, you won’t have to worry. Even if you have short curly hair at present, you can get lengthy hair overnights. Are you tired of your old hairstyle? Then get a Bounce deep wave for your new looks and bring changes in you. Always hiding under shadows in the crowd, “No,” you need to get the limelight with this glamorous hairstyle and bring confidence in yourself. Make this hairstyle possible with Indique weave hair extensions.


Get the best hairstyles mentioned above for the upcoming holiday. Let your buddies feel special by gifting great hair extensions from Indique. Especially gift it to short curly hair friends who are struggling to have long hair. Enhance the looks of people around you with fabulous hairstyles. 

Don’t miss out! Christmas is right around the corner,

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