3 Types of Earphones That Are Best Suited While Running

Are you searching for an earphone best suited to push you through that tough run? The importance of working out or running on your favorite beats can’t be denied. It has a special vibe attached to it. 

There are several earphones out there that stay in place and are sweat-resistant, with superior battery life and sound quality. Undoubtedly, these are your best bet. 

However, it is a little difficult to choose the one that best suits your needs. In persuasion, we have curated the list of the best earphones and the guide to buying the one earphone that is perfect for running. 

Top Earphones That Are Best for Running

Listening to your favorite music on the track could immensely boost your performance. So, it is important to pick the right earphone pair for your fitness regimen. 

The earphones that perfectly suit running should be sweat-resistant, snug in the ear, and wireless or truly wireless. To make a useful comparison, we have divided the best earphones for running into the 3 categories.

wireless earbuds

Truly wireless earbuds

As the name suggests, truly wireless earbuds don’t have connecting wires or hooks extended around the ear. All you have to do is to push these earbuds in and go. The earbuds are designed expertly to fit snug in the ear canals and prevent midrun loosening. 

Such earbuds are lightweight due to their compact style. However, their shorter batteries indicate shorter run times. But here comes the savior charging cases that allow you to charge them up anywhere and anytime.

Truly wireless earbuds with ear hooks 

The earbuds with hooks are expertly designed to safeguard the ear canal from pressure and hold the earbuds steadily. A hook also improves the fit, as the second point of contact for extra support comes. 

The hooks are designed to provide storage space for batteries or antennae. That way, these earbuds can play longer than their counterparts that are Truly wireless earbuds. 

These models are marginally cheaper than their counterparts. However, some designs still could cost you more than $200.

Neckband earbuds

The earbuds remain untethered from the phone; however, these buds are connected through a wire or a band. This serves two purposes: connecting the buds and providing storage space for antennae, batteries, or microphones. 

If you could just skip the connecting wire part, you should enjoy a longer battery life(way longer than some of the truly wireless earbuds) at significantly cheaper rates. 

These earbuds are typically smaller( some electronics are housed inside the connecting wire), and smaller sizes mean lighter weight and less struggle to keep them intact in the ear.

Neckband earbuds

How to choose the right earphone for running?

Here are the top-notch tips to help you pick the right pair when buying the best earphones suited perfectly for running: 

  • Fit and ambient sound: The earphones that fit snug in the ears provide a clearer and better sound quality. It should fit comfortably and not ache your ears. The fit affects the amount of outside noise that comes in while running. 
  • Durability: It is expected from a $200 earphones to be of premium quality compared to a $20 earphones. To ensure the long-term assessment, check out users’ reviews on online forums. 
  • Water and sweat resistance: The premium quality earphones are dust, water, and sweat resistant. However, you should consider the long-term scenario as sweat and dust could damage earphones if they aren’t designed to repel them. So, evaluate the IP, i.e., Ingress Protection rating, when buying earphones best suited while running. 
  • Connectivity and battery life: Lastly, assess how fast the earbuds connect to the phone. How far could you go without losing the connection? Additionally, assess the battery life as well. 


Nowadays, the earphones best suited for running are designed to be smaller and way too affordable than ever before. The expert designers have even eliminated the wire. Moreover, the earphones best suited while running are sweat-resistant, longer-lasting, snug in the ear, noise-canceling, and wireless or truly wireless. So, don’t wait anymore! Buy your best earphone for running and start your fitness journey.¬†

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